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Telespeed Aerials 135 Aughton Rd Aughton Sheffield S26 3XD
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Over 30 years Experience in TV Reception - Problems Welcome!

My name is Rod Buck, and I run Telespeed Aerials. We've been doing TV aerials for over 30 years now - and Satellite dishes & CCTV since they started. We specialise in problem cases and difficult reception, so no matter what your problem, provided your house isn't too tall for my ladders, I CAN help.

Rod Buck

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No Result - No Charge:
If we can't get you a satisfactory and reliable picture, then there's NO charge whatsoever - no callout - no time charge - no parts, nothing.
We're not cheap - but we're not the dearest around - we recently came across two customers who'd paid TWICE what we charge - and got a very unsatisfactory service from a large national aerial company. We have often had to sort out the mess left by fitters who couldn't wait to get onto the next job...  we do quality work, and give twice the guarantee of most firms (see below).

If you buy equipment from us, such as an HD Freesat Box or HD Digital Video Recorder (and we supply a lot of these to our customers) then, if it goes wrong, we come out and replace it promptly - you don't have to disconnect it all yourself and take it back to the shop - and wait two weeks for it to be repaired, then go back and collect it again, and reconnect all the wires yourself. We take care of the whole thing -quickly and conveniently for you! Service is what it's all about.
Two Years Guarantee:
Unlike all other aerial engineers I know, we guarantee all our aerials and dishes for TWO YEARS, not one.

All our aerials are top-quality, Made-in-UK. (There are a lot of cheap foreign aerials available, which will probably JUST last a year or so, till the guarantee runs out - and THEN where is the guy that put it up? Did he only give you a mobile number?)

We don't use any cheap foreign imported aerials - they often have fragile parts stamped out of thin sheet metal - the aerials we use are Engineered with a capital E! They won't come to bits in the first gale that blows, like many of the cheap aerials you can get in D-I-Y outlets. And when it blows in Sheffield, it blows!
Available Weekends:
If you are out at work all week, we can come at the weekend - it's never good to have to take time off work to get things done at home, is it? So we don't mind coming at the weekend. Personally, I prefer to take my days off in the week, when everything (Meadowhell included) is less busy...
Areas Covered:
Being based near Swallownest (J31 of the M1) we cover all of Sheffield and Rotherham, Worksop, Chesterfield and outlying villages such as Dronfield, Eckington, Wales, Dinnington & Anston, Killamarsh, and Clowne.

Travel time can eat into the working day too much if we go further afield, but if in doubt - ask! Sometimes two or three jobs not far from each other make it economic to travel further.

Advice is Free...
If you have any queries or questions, please call me on: 0114-287-8936 or 07971-846-153 for a chat, or email me on and I'll do my best to help.

If you want a quote, I'll come out to see you, look at the situation, and discuss it with you, free of charge.
Rod Buck
Rod Buck

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